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Certified Information Security Manager

Course Description

This Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) training course focuses on the construction, development, and governance of information security operations. Possession of this certification displays precise knowledge, practice, and copious amounts of experience in the realm of information security management. 
 ThisCISM training course takes into account practical issues, like the creation of information security programs, and incident management, whilst promoting security practices used globally. CISM teaches delegates how to tailor ever-changing technology to their enterprises. This enables the enterprises to emerge as a valuable organisation and may expand their clientele due to their implementation of CISM certified individuals.

Who Is It For?

  1. CISOs and CSOs.
  2. Security Directors/Managers/Consultants.
  3. IT Directors/Managers/Consultants.
  4. Compliance/Risk/Privacy Directors and Managers.

Course Prerequisite

While there are not any prerequisites for the CISM training, it is required that you have five years of security experience and the appropriate education to obtain certification. It is also required that you agree to the CISM Code of Professional Ethics.

Course Duration

40 Hours.

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