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COBIT 2019 Foundation

Advance and affirm your understanding and ability to optimize enterprise information and technology (I&T) assets. Leverage the updated globally accepted framework for enterprise governance of information and technology (EGIT) by obtaining ISACA®’s COBIT® 2019 Foundation Certificate. The COBIT framework builds on and integrates more than 25 years of best-practices in:

Understanding, aligning and communicating enterprise governance of IT
Working with and alignment to leading global standards industry frameworks
Operationalizing understanding into practice

The COBIT 2019 Foundation Certificate affirms holders’ understanding of the COBIT framework, its concepts, principles and terminology, and competency in designing a tailored governance system that maximizes the value of enterprise I&T investments.


Certified Information Security Manager

This Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) training course focuses on the construction, development, and governance of information security operations. Possession of this certification displays precise knowledge, practice, and copious amounts of experience in the realm of information security management.
ThisCISM training course takes into account practical issues, like the creation of information security programs, and incident management, whilst promoting security practices used globally. CISM teaches delegates how to tailor ever-changing technology to their enterprises. This enables the enterprises to emerge as a valuable organisation and may expand their clientele due to their implementation of CISM certified individuals.


Certified Information Systems Auditor

CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor and is a certification that is granted by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). It is the most recognized credential for IS audit control, assurance, and security professionals. It is designed for audit managers, IT auditors, security professionals, and consultants.
For Cyber Security professionals who are interested in the field of audit, the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification by ISACA is the leading credential to achieve. In order to face the dynamic requirements of meeting enterprise vulnerability management challenges, this course covers the auditing process, in-depth, to ensure that you have the ability to analyze the state of your organization and make changes where needed.


ISACA/PeopleCert COBIT 5 Assessor Course

The COBIT 5 Assessor course provides a basis for assessing an enterprise’s process capabilities against the COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM). Evidence-based to enable a reliable, consistent and repeatable way to assess IT process capabilities, this model helps IT leaders gain C-level and board member buy-in for change and improvement initiatives.


Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT

CGEIT recognizes a wide range of professionals for their knowledge and application of enterprise IT governance principles and practices.
As a CGEIT certified professional, you demonstrate that you are capable of bringing IT governance into an organization that you grasp the complex subject holistically, and therefore, enhance value to the enterprise.


ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) Cyber Security Fundamentals

The industry demand for skilled cyber professionals continues to outpace the availability of trained and experienced individuals. This is why we are committed to fortifying the industry by educating, training and certifying a stronger, more informed workforce that can keep organizations and their information secure—now and in the future.
Cybersecurity Fundamentals help those just getting started in cyber understand critical concepts, technologies, techniques and terminology.


ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) Cyber Security Practitioner

CSXP was named 2016 Top Professional Certification program by the SC Magazine Awards and remains the first and only comprehensive performance certification testing one’s ability to perform globally validated cybersecurity skills spanning five security functions – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover – derived from the CSXP Exam Content Outline. CSXP requires candidates demonstrate critical cybersecurity skills in a live, virtual environment assessing candidates’ analytical ability to identify and resolve network and host cybersecurity issues by applying foundational cybersecurity knowledge and skills required of an evolving cyber first responder.


ISACA/PeopleCert COBIT 5 Foundation Course

The COBIT 5 Foundation course provides a comprehensive foundation to the students and enables them to assist their enterprises in achieving their objectives for the governance and management of enterprise IT. The course also helps the students working for various enterprises to create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits, and optimizing risk levels and resource use. The candidates will be able to manage the enterprise IT in a holistic manner. The COBIT 5 is a vendor-neutral and generic course which is useful for enterprises of all sizes, including commercial, not-for-profit, and public sector.
The COBIT 5 Foundation course will teach the candidates about the need for an IT governance framework and how COBIT 5 can address this need by providing the latest insights into enterprise-wide governance of IT. Using real-world and example-driven approach, the candidates will be able to cover the elements and supporting materials of the COBIT framework.

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