In this lesson and its tutorial, we will show you how to monitor, and manage networks using Wireshark

Note: On our Hands-On Tutorial, we will walk-through with you into the Wireshark Step-by-Step until you see the backscenes of your network for your first time.

In this Theoretical part of the lesson, we will show you how can you monitor, and manage your network.

First, Walk-Through into PRTG

Once you open your Wireshark, you will have this interface to choose which NIC to sniff on and monitor the ongoing-traffic, either Live, or Open a file for analysis and investigation purposes.

Quick intro. To the Wireshark interface.

Even, you can use pre-built filters or build a customized filter according to your network needs

Also, you can configure your filter regarding some appearance options (Colors), or new layout of columns.

Moreover, You can dig-deeper into the traffic by examining the packet headers, along with its actual hexadecimal notation.