In this lesson and its tutorial, we will show you how to monitor, manage networks using PRTG

Note: On our Hands-On Tutorial, we will walk-through with you into the PRTGStep-by-Step until you monitor the network for your first time.

In this Theoretical part of the lesson, we will show you how can you monitor, manage, and track your Network.

First, Walk-Through into PRTG

Once you setup the PRTG (will shown to you in Practical Part), You can access the system by using the IP to get to the system.

Here you can find a lot of details and things (depends on your network size), We will start by:

Overview Tab: Which will give you an overview in the whole network and some brief details to have q quick glance at your network status.

There is also another tab that gives you more details regarding a specific device including its performance, usage, and many other metrics

Also, You can set a threshold to generate an alert if its exceeded regarding the performance metrics of the networking device to pro-actively monitor the network and to expect the failure before it really occurs.

Also, You can customize your own Dashboard for briefly summary of the network status.