In this lesson and its tutorial, we will show you how to build and emulate your own network using EVE-ng.

Note: On our Hands-On Tutorial, we will walk-through with you into the EVE-ngStep-by-Step until you monitor the network for your first time.

In this Theoretical part of the lesson, we will show you how can you build a network topology from scratch and its settings.

First, Walk-Through into EVE-ng

Once you setup the EVE-ng (will show to you in Practical Part), You can access the system by using the IP to get to the system, after running it as a virtual machine.

Default Credentials for EVE-ng as a Virtual Machine:
Username: root
Password: eve

Then, you will type the IP address into your browser to access the web interface that will ask you:

Username: admin
Password: eve

Once you log in to the system, you will have this blank space to build and create your own network topology.

You can add devices and objects from this menu, (We will discuss in Practical part, in details how can you upload network images and run it)