After the brief introduction about VirtualBox, and highlighting in its features, and the Technical Requirements to install it on Windows 10 as an example. Our next step is to install it from the official website.

Download and Installation Step-by-Step

Step 1

You can download Oracle VirtualBox from the Vendor Official Website Oracle VirtualBox. Then, go to the Download button to browse their downloadable editions and versions, next click on the proper package according to your Host OS, and on the extension package to download them. Extension package allows you to have advanced features between your Virtual Machine and Physical OS, like: (Drag-and-Drop, Shared Files and Folders, Shared Clipboard, etc…).

Step 2

After the download is finished, You will install it by Double-Click on it, and the Installation Wizard will pop-up to guide you through the installation process and gives you brief information about VirtualBox Then, You can select the way you want the features to be installed (Recommended: to keep it on-default). Also, You can change the default location by clicking Browse, then Next. Next, You can choose which and where do you want to have a shortcut of VirtualBox, then Next. Finally, Your installation should start automatically, then click Finish. Congratulations, Your Oracle VirtualBox has been downloaded and installed successfully. You are ready to walk-through and work on it. In the next lesson, we will show you How to do Basic Configuration. See you in the Next-Lesson.