After the brief introduction about CISCO Packet Tracer, and highlighting in its features, and the Technical Requirements to install it.

Our next step is to install it from the official vendor website CISCO

Download and Installation Step-by-Step

Step 1

You can download CISCO Packet Tracer from their academy (Net Cad), after creating a new account and enroll on Intro to Packet Tracer course, then you can download it from there.

Step 2

After Download, An Installation Wizard will open where you have to click-On Next each time to proceed to the next step.

Accept the terms agreement after reading it by clicking-on Next

Next, Choose the directory you want to install

Coose your shortcut preferences

Congratulations, Your CISCO Packet Tracer  has been downloaded and installed successfully. You are ready to walk-through and work on it.

 In the next lesson, we will show you How to do Basic Configuration.

See you in the Next-Lesson.