After the brief introduction about GNS3, and highlighting its features, and technical requirements to install it on your own computer as a Network Emulation System. 

Download and Installation Step-by-Step

Step 1

You can download GNS3, from the official vendor website GNS3.

Then, Click-on Free Download

Next, create a new account by filling all the required fields in order to download GNS3

Step 2

After Download, An Installation Wizard will open where you have to click-On Next each time to proceed to the next step.

Then, Accept the terms by clicking I Agree

After that, you are going to choose which features to install with GNS3 (Recommended: to select all features (by default)).

Later, Choose the folder you wait to install GNS3 in it.

Next, choose your server type to run GNS3 (leave it as the first option). All of these types will be discussed within the Practical part.

Finally, configure your GNS3 server with the default settings (do not change it)

Congratulations, Your GNS3  has been downloaded and installed successfully. You are ready to walk-through and work on it.

 In the next lesson, we will show you How to do Basic Configuration.

See you in the Next-Lesson.